Fiddling Around the World With the Violin

A certain type of events violinist is the fiddler. The fiddler is really just a player of the violin who uses their instrument to create non-classical music in a number of varieties. The fiddler sound can be heard in many different places internationally. There is even a popular Broadway musical with this type of violin player mentioned in the title.

When thinking of an occasion where a fiddler would be be most appropriate, a cheerful wedding reception might come to mind. Anyone whose travels take them to the more southern parts of the United States for a noticeable amount of time are likely to hear some fiddling. This is also true for people who spend their time living in the Appalachian region of the US. Fiddlers playing the violin are also found in Ireland, Scotland, Romania and other parts of Europe.


The mean little fire ants were going to be going on a secret adventure soon for the Queen. The ants were so excited to go on this special mission. They decided to start working out so they would be in shape. While working out they came across a Bolton CCTV and got distracted and forgot all about training. When they finally realized what they are supposed to be doing the other ants where long gone. They really needed to catch up so they set out on an adventure. Along the way they got lots of training. When they arrived the other ants were so excited to see them. Some of the ants were captured and they couldnow be heroes. The ants helped to save the day and all the captured ants were so happy to be free.

New Mixed In With The Old

There is a neighborhood in Chicago that began with simple roots, modest housing, and locally owned shops. Unfortunately, developers found their tiny piece of Midwestern heaven and sought to turn it into a hip spot for Millenials. The corporation bought up all of the retail spaces except one holdout who was not interested in a handsome payoff. Brady’s Flowers is a florist Harrogate shop that has serviced the residents of Chicago for over 50 years. Second generation owner, Patrick Brady, intends to keep up his family’s legacy by keeping their doors open. The area may now feature modern styling, urban restaurants, and trendy stores but tucked in the midst of all that is a quaint shop with a long history. The Brady family is happy to see new faces in their store and has become more creative in their floral arrangements to match the needs of their clientele.

Suddenly You Can Hear Again

It began with an itching in the left ear, and I did what most people would do I attempted to scratch it. In the early stages of the complaint the scratching seemed to satisfy the itch; however, it appears that another issue began to present itself. From all appearances, I was dealing with the itch, but creating a pile up in the canal. It didn’t take long before I developed a ringing in the affected ear, followed by difficulty hearing from it.

Solving The Problem

Normally, I would have left it alone, but then the sharp pain began and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. My friends began to make fun of me when I continuously asked them to repeat themselves. It was not until my sister suggested that I talked to someone about ear wax removal Stockport that it dawned on me. Once the procedure was done, things returned to normal and it is easy to hear when someone talks about me behind my back.

My Dream Instrument

I am a lover of the saxophone. When I was in middle school the saxophone was the instrument that I wanted to play. Unfortunately, it was not what I would learn. My cousin had a clarinet and that became my instrument of choice, or should I say my parents instrument of choice. Free is always best when money is tight. Well, I enjoyed the clarinet and was a very accomplished player. I was told that if I could learn it I could easily learn the saxophone.

It has been thirty something years since I graduated from high school and I have never tried to learn the saxophone. Maybe I should start looking at flea markets or garage sales for a saxophone. If I could find one, maybe I could finally become the saxophone player Manchester that I dreamed of being in my teens.

It’s Tower, Not Tire!

We didn’t notice when grandfather started having trouble understanding what we were saying until I had to go to work with him one day. We had a small fire extinguisher service company and were on location at a salt mine. Having good hearing was imperative to understand each other over the sound of all the equipment. It would be far too easy to misunderstand someone and end up in harms’ way.

There were several extinguishers that we had to inspect that were on a very tall tower, and I told him that I would take care of those. He had a very confused look on his face and when I asked him what was wrong he informed me, ‘What would an extinguisher be doing on a tire?’ That was the first of many small incidences that indicated it may be time for hearing aids Manchester.